Discuss the Banjo lesson: Basic Major Banjo Chords



I’ll show you how to play G, C, and D7, then we’ll trick your brain into playing them!


Nice addition to the site!Great for just starting out


Thanks so much, Diane! I’ve worked hard on these :wink:


I agree. I have been away for a bit and have just come back to the “new” site. I started doing the beginner track and have noticed new info. I started to skip some of the videos since I had already watched before but since have gone back through all of the other videos to see what new info there was. Thanks for making us left handed players feel welcome :smile:
Thanks for all your hard work. Lovin my lifetime membership!!


can’t get “train the brain” to play


HI Greg,

worked fine here.
Might want to post this in the help forum…it’s monitored by staff and you may get a quicker answer.



Hey Greg,

I don’t know what browser you’re using, but give Chrome a try and see what happens, please.


Works fine for me I am using Internet Explorer


I am new and am using internet explorer. Some of the lessons under beginning banjo don’t load right away until I close site and re enter. Most do work well but it is interesting that every once in awhile they don’t load. about 1 out of 10 or so. But I do get the ones that don’t initially load to play by closing and reopening to the website. Like I said I am using internet explorer and windows 10.


Try this, In Internet Explorer click on SAFETY click OFF Tracking Protection. Power Off/On your computer and try again. Make a note of any video’s you find not working and let us know.