Discuss the Banjo lesson: Bag O' Licks– Tony Wray Banjo


Thanks Ben! Can’t wait and thanks so much for breaking this down so even I can learn it!


I’m still working on this lesson, and have applied it to a couple of songs but am having trouble transitioning from g to c if the c is only one measure long. But I have come up with a few things that work, so all is good. It’s fun to apply this stuff and it’s real rewarding when I’m able to piece it together by myself.


Check out the lesson I just posted this morning, too!


Oh man! This is way above my level, but I’m trying to stuff all of this knowledge and these licks into my pocket anyway…

Conceptually, to fit these into a chord progression-- I’m not sure I could quite do that on my own on the fly, without arranging it first, but hopefully being able to throw these in will come with time as my muscle memory for different rolls and licks develop…

Thanks Ben! With the Utility Roll lesson, this is super helpful info!


These Licks are “Wray Cool” and combined with Banjo Ben’s tabs gives a foundation to work from. I noticed that Tony performs a bit of ‘freestyle’ at the beginning of the Video. In particular, there is an Ascending triplet pattern followed by a DESCENDING pattern. I thought this was super cool at the 21-26 sec. point in the intro video. Here is the TAB as I heard it and played back on my banjo for anyone that might want to try it. I incorporated this roll into Ben’s backup mp3’s in the “Backup Banjo Utility Rolls” and sounding good!



Wow, just wow. We tried using these backup licks in our living room just now on “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” for an instrumental giving my kids a chance to alternate picking the melody over it (Guitar, Fiddle,Mandy). literally ALL of these Wray licks fit in and just sounds so cool; not only the overlay lick, but fitting in the ending licks on the turnarounds. . Now I know why Banjo Ben was laughing in the Intro. Trust me, you’ll get some mileage out of these licks. These licks really put solid rocket boosters on our Band. I feel like we’re just beginning to “leverage” these licks.
Thanks so much for this Lesson!