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Devil's Dream Tuning

Hi, I have just started trying to learn “Devil’s Dream” on Banjo and Ben suggests using a Capo at 2nd fret and thus tuning to A. Do we have to tune the 5th String to A as well because the 5th string, of course, is not covered by the capo and presumably would give a clash. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not a banjo guy, but since you didn’t get a response, I figured I’d pipe in. It seems you’d want the 5th string to be an A. One can capo it (with a 5th string capo), spike it or I suspect you can tune it to A without popping it.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for that. I have indeed decided to purchase a 5th string banjo capo and am awaiting delivery.
Appreciate your reply. :smiley: