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D'Addario Flatwound strings

I’ve always favored J74’s for mandolin strings and still do. However I recently purchased a nice mandolin that was strung with EFW74’s and found these strings pretty good too. Easier on the fingers than J74’s. A minimal loss of volume compared to lighter guage strings such as J73’s. Not trying to push these on anybody but if you’re struggling with medium strings you may want to give these a try before going to lights. Of course this is just my opinion, your ear may hear something totally different.

I haven’t played flatwounds on a mandolin. I might have to give them a try. I still have quite a few sets of J74s to go through first.

Mike, if you’re happy with EJ74’s like I am I doubt you’d switch to EFW74’s although there’s always the possibility. This was my first experience with flatwounds on guitar or mando.