Cute video to make your day!


Check this cute video out, guys :slight_smile:


Old head on young shoulders. He knows how to get there :heart_eyes:


@Archie hahah! That was very well said. I can’t get enough of that boy. I wish he could stay at that age forever, he’s so adorable! Bless him!


Yeh kids that age are amazing. They are wise beyond their years. I have had so much joy watching my five grandchildren grow up. The oldest granddaughter is heading off to university in the fall and the two youngest start high school after the summer recess. My grandson who just left school to start an apprentice is struggling to get up for work in the morning. Each has a different character


They really are! And they are very observant too! Just like a sponge soaking every little bit of their surroundings in.
Congrats to your grandkids as well! That’s amazing.
I’m taking a break from school myself, and working to save up a bit more, and like your grandson, I also struggle to get up in the morning hahah! That is why I recently switched my availability at work so that I can sleep in for a little longer.
Did you serenade them with your Banjo as they were growing up?


Well, if you can’t get there with those directions, maybe just let him drive. :laughing:


They say the banjo annoyed them, I was just starting out learning to play when they had sleepovers so I would have been repeating the same phrase over and over whilst the were playing games on their iPads. At the time they all seemed preoccupied with what they were doing and never once complained. The three youngest all play brass instruments in the school band so they have come to appreciate what it means to practice over and over. My grandson sits up half the night on the computer playing war games or football games online with his friends as aesult struggles to get up a 5.30 am to catch a lift to work at 6.30.


Bless those iPads right? Because I’m sure without them they would’ve been even more annoyed hahah.
I’m the only one in my household as well that plays an instrument at the moment.
My brother played the trumpet, and then the trombone, in his school’s marching band, so he too appreciated a good practice routine.
I was barely starting out guitar when he joined the marching band, so I felt like he understood me when I would practice the guitar hours on end.
Oh okay that makes sense. I too play some war games but not so much though. If I ever catch myself playing more than usual, which rarely happens, I feel guilty about it because it’s always in the back of my mind that I could be using that valuable time to practice.


They cut that video off right before somebody’s secret hunting spot got revealed.






I love it!!! I dont know where yall are from but I hear some East Tennessee in that boy. Thanks for sharing that.


@bcaves it sure does sound like that doesn’t it?
I also should add that this is not my video. All credits go to the original owner of the video. It’s just a video I stumbled upon and wanted to share. There’s another video of him on his YouTube page where he talks about fishing, it’s just as cute as this video .


Check this videos out guys! …And gals !


Ooooweee that’s good picking!


Check this out :

Check this out too :

Hear those Mandolin Chops on this one :


Check this one out :


Man, they never gave the Banjo picker a break. He sounded good! I wanted to hear him cut loose.



Check this out :



That was cool. Looked like the Banjo picker was wearing a GoPro.