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I have a backless banjo and am wondering if it is possible to have a resonator fitted to it. If so is this an expensive proceedure or is better to just buy a resonator banjo?

I pondered over this question. I bought a pick-up for the open back so I could play it through my amp. That is not ideal unless I am with the band. I opted to buy a banjo with a resonator… You can never have too many banjos. I looked around for awhile and had a top end price in mind. I played dozens in the music stores before I settled for the Fender brand. Warning… the resonator makes the banjo very heavy. I practice mostly with the open back and take the resonator to jams.
Cheers… Christol

A good resonator is actually fairly light. I find the weight in most banjos comes from the tone ring. Did your open back have a hoop or lighter ring by chance?