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Custom Straps

Hey guys,
I’m about to get a new guitar (Hooray!) and am looking for a custom leather strap (considering one for my banjo as well). I believe I heard @BanjoBen mention one he had for his banjo in a lesson video and was wondering where he had it made; does anyone else have a recommendation for a custom strap brand?

I know Jon is really handy with leather tools. Hey @Jono, what do you think? Are you interested or know someone who might be?

Take a scroll down this thread and check out Jon’s handy work. Its mighty impressive.


Well I’ve only made the one so far, but planning to make another banjo strap shortly. I will post it up If anyone’s interested when it’s completed. :wink:


Congrats! The Harrison straps are among the top of the line and can do custom engraving, and I also really like the El Dorado straps we carry.


Wow, @Jono, that’s some really nice leather work! I’m impressed :+1:
Have any of y’all tried Henderson Straps? I saw their Etsy business and they look pretty nice. Those Harrison straps look really nice too.

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Thanks Michael. :+1: