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Home made leather strap

As I’m quite into DIY, I thought I would make myself a leather strap. It’s not completely finished yet as I’m toying with the idea of stamping a pattern onto the surface. Also need to burnish the edges. It’s not up to a pro leather worker standard, but does the job for me. I punched holes, glued and stitched it with thread used for leather.

It fits onto the hooks in the style of a huber strap.



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A new talent.

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Haha, thanks Archie. I have become quite interested in learning more about leather craft. So may be another string to my bow… er I mean banjo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Started adding a basket weave pattern today. :+1:


Looks nice

Looks great. Do you stamp or press a die to get the pattern or use a hammer and punch? Amazing what can be done in leather.

I bought a starter set of punches. It’s not the best set but thought it would be a start to me learning, as I found it interesting watching some of the online videos of leather workers. I used a hammer and a basket weave punch. It’s just fun to make a strap knowing I made it myself. :+1:

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That’s mint pal

Wow! That really spruced it up! I’d sure be proud of that. Nice work!

Thanks mate! :+1: