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I’ve really never attempted to crosspick until I learned Ben’s version of Beaumont Rag. Got the whole song down pat but still find myself struggling and getting tangled up in the strings every now and then on the B part when playing up to speed. I’m wondering if any of you guys do something different when you crosspick such as change your pick attack or wrist angle ect… Got to be something I’m missing.

I’m not great at crosspicking. That seems to be where alot of the chumps like me get left behind by the good players. It’s not magic, but the best advice I can give is play it until your hand knows the way without your brain and keep it loose. I’ve had some of my best crosspicking come out when I was slightly distracted by something else :slight_smile:

I have heard some refer to it as playing banjo rolls with a pick, one pick. I guess that is about what it boils down to. I really don’t know what to suggest except to practice till you are almost ready to throw up and then practice some more. I get it but I still am in the practice stage and will be there for awhile . :smiley:

Crosspicking is easy if I stick to a roll that doesn’t require me to skip a string. Like an up/down roll (forward/reverse roll?)

It’s the string skipping that trips me up.

Yes, I have the same experience with Beumont Rag: It all sounds pretty good except for that crosspicking.

Every once in a while, my crosspicking sounds pretty good, and it’s because I’m relaxed, thinking about something else (like mreisz says) and taking full, comfortable pick strokes. But when I start stressing over it, it all comes crashing down.

— Begin quote from "Julian"

It’s the string skipping that trips me up.

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Exactly. That’s whats getting my pick tangled in the strings. You and Mike are dead on about keeping a loose right hand and playing without thinking. Thats what i normally try to do but with crosspicking it’s going to take a little extra practice. Guess I should do as Welder suggested and just tape a barf bag to my lower bout. :laughing: