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Creating Guitar Intros For Hymns

Rick Faris asked me about creating singing intros for hymns that he leads at nursing homes. Here’s a rough example of what I might do:


This is exactly what I was looking for. Since “There Is Power In The Blood” lends itself well as a bluegrass style I particularly like the bluegrass into! I also like the variations to explore!

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“Identify the melody first, then figure out which chords go underneath it”. These are just some of the hidden little lessons I love finding in your videos when you respond to and address student inquiries.

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Thanks for addressing that Ben. I have thought about this topic a lot over the past few months and finally realized this rule can work on most songs not just hymns. However I think you hear it the most from a piano player playing a hymn for a church. Most recently I have used this strategy on your recent guitar lesson on life’s Railway to Heaven. I just play the last half of the break before singing the first verse.

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