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Cowboy boots in Nashville?

Me: I should get some new cowboy boots for Nashville.
My wife: you should get some new cowboy boots IN Nashville!

Sold. Any suggestions? There seem to be many, many boots stores. Thanks in advance!


I’ve never been to Nashville but everyone I know that goes comes back with new boots. I Love my cowboy boots, wear them nearly every waken hour. I order them online out of convenience because I am an hour away from my fav boot store in Fairfax Va

Check prices. Location will probably either make them real expensive, or real cheap


There are a couple well-known places, but you’re gonna pay some Nashville tax for sure. Check out French’s:

Boot Country:

Trail West:


If you want to look like a Nashville local, you are going to need a Nudie suit like Porter wears to go with those boots.


Hey Lori,

Is Fairfax anywhere near Abingdon? I’ve been to Capo’s Music Store a couple times. They have some really nice instruments there. I played a Huss & Dalton guitar that I wish I could have brought home with me.

It’s a super busy town, but also very nice!

I went to the Fiddler’s Convention in Galax (just to watch) during one of those trips. Virginia is a great place!


Mole, Buddy, I’m tempted.

Thanks, Ben, noted. Wherever I go, I’ll drop your name!

SO psyched for the Camp.

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Both at opposite ends of the state. Fairfax is a suburb of D.C. Abington is near Bristol.

This, of course, could raise the price by double, depending on what store you buy from :wink:


As treblemaker said, Fairfax is not close to Abingdon. And I think Capos is no longer open. Have a good time in Nashville!

nice sharing!!

@Michael , Did you ever make a boot purchase? If so, please provide any details you are comfortable to share with us.

I’d like to imagine one day, I will likewise share the dream to pick up a pair in Nashville.

Has anyone dared to try Tecovas or any other online store? If so, please share experience details

Yep, I have some full quill ostrich from Tecovas and love them!


Yep, sure did. Went “full Nashville tourist” and bought a pair of Ostrich at Boot Barn on 5th. Very happy with them!


What!!! No rhinestones cowboy ?


Those are amazing. Very cool.

Please help me out with the color as I have a color deficiency… And of course, the photo can present it differently than in real life.

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Sure; light brown vamp and instep, light & dark brown shaft.

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Not this trip, @Archie! Will be sure to get some for my Opry debut. :grinning:

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They look blue-ish to me (because of the background perhaps)… Lol. Or… Maybe Gray is closer to what I mean.

I hear y’all laughin’… it stinks being color-deficient! :disappointed:.

That’s why I just had to ask.

Man, I’d like to visit Nashville and pick up some boots. I think it was awesome you came up with the idea to do just that.

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