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Cost of medical care and keeping me picking LOL

I am not being negative here . It is life after all. I thought I was gone the first time my difib went off . but wow can you imagine 6 times one right after another. three days in hospital and I am sent home . yes they fixed the problem this time. and I do not have to pay that much from the last time but it was so high I don’t think any one who has a normal job could ever pay that . almost $67,000 last yyear . 50 years ago that would buy a double story home and a new car .
I am not sadistic but I am beginning to embrace the shock because I know it is just to save my life . I feel so fortunate to have the things that help me from the insurance to the technology. This time though I am more awake and feel better and can at least stay up longer and enjoy life. We all need to thank our Lord for what we have .

                                                     KEEP ON PICKING AND GRINNING !!!!!!! :smiley: , Now where did I put that tab for "Red Wing"

Modern technology is pretty cool, but crazy expensive. A while back I had a kidney stone that wouldn’t leave on its own. Years ago, they would have cut me or gone in through an already existing opening (use your imagination) and get it with a medical “gopher grabber.” Now they simply break it up with acoustic waves and I have only one day of down time. Unfortunately that tech is expensive. I can’t remember how much it cost me for the deductible, but as I saw the bills flying through I noticed they went north of $50k before I quit counting. I got to do it again as the first one didn’t pulverize me well enough and I talked to the surgeon. Apparently he and the anesthesiologist don’t make that much off the procedure. If I want anyone well paid, it’s those folks. If I ever need brain surgery, I won’t be looking for the cheapest surgeon I can find.

Technology has saved me more than one time . The hospitals are the ones making all the money the doctors is an after thought to them . Just as the police are not lining up to get a policing job the docs will be dried up also .


Glad you made it!!!

Thank you . I was glad also .