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Cool New Toy

What do you think?

Watch “ToneWood-Amp: Five Sound Examples with Pete Pancrazi” on YouTube

Sounds real good I am interested , depends on cost more than anything else as learned in my 72 years I am not the only person within the household. LOL. In retirement the money does not go up and down it mostly goes down .

Looks like $200 till the beginning of feb. Then up to $250.
Might work pretty well.

Not my cup of tea.

Then again, it might be fun to see people’s expressions if I took one to a BG jam :open_mouth:

Im a gearhead… love this stuff.

I have been using a micro cube mainly because my hearing is failing . Roland makes some good stuff. I have had it for about 8 years it can use battery 6 double A’ for up to 20 hours of playing or the adapter . it has amp modeling and all the effects you could want. I can make the Martin sound like a head banger , crunch or sweet as a rose it also models an acoustic amp . 3 watts is all you need for normal listening the Roland has 5 watts . That reminds me, watts up