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Color-Coded Tab Variation--Can You Guess the Song?

Hello, Pickers!

Here’s a color-coded tab variation I just invented to tab out a song I worked out by ear–can you identify it? It’s a common tune and well known song.

The idea with the tab variation is to produce something that might scaffold a beginning player’s transition to real tab, which I for one find to be too hard to read quickly enough to play, as one would read and play piano sheet music.

Just click the image below to see a bigger version. I have this same thing labeled for a performer, and then a third image with some explanatory notes, if anyone’s interested.

Thanks!..Wayne B.

I am not sure about the tune, but I do like the instruction to repeat until the listener screams.

It’s Pop Goes the Weasel. Here it is with the lyrics…

What program did you use to create the tab? I haven’t seen it before.

Hi, Larry. Microsoft Powerpoint 2013.

It takes a minute to get used to looking at it, but I like the colors.