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Collaboration #1: Will The Circle Be Unbroken

OK. I just got my Google Drive set up. Let’s see if this works.

If all goes well, the zip file in that link will contain 5 .aif files. The first 2 are my banjo and mandola breaks. I also recorded 3 more banjo breaks on 2 different banjos we can use as fillers until the other banjo players get their recordings done. We don’t have to, it was just easy to do since I finally got all of my recording gear dialed in.

I’m not gonna lie, the mandola break came out better than I expected. I’m kinda proud that I finally know a song on the thing. I’ve had it for over 2 years now. :blush:

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That’s some really good pickin, dude. Love both solos!

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Nice job Mark! Sounds good!

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Here’s the mix so far. Nice job Mark!

Mix 2 MP3

Mix 2 WAV

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Man alive that sounds smooth! The bass really brings it all together. You have a great ear for mixing, Mike!

Here’s a mando chop track I made. If someone with a better quality mandolin and, more importantly, better quality playing than me wants to make another, please feel free. Quality over quantity.

Oh, and I really feel like I was right about the placement of my break. It just doesn’t fit there. My ear is wanting to hear the melody in the first part of the song, but my lead runs off into left field. Shouldn’t be too much trouble to move it though, right Mike?

Nah, I or Larry can move it if need be. If we knew what we all would have in the final mix, we could go ahead and arrange who goes where, but I don’t think we have the full roster yet.

Thanks for the kind words, but I am just doing the easy part :slight_smile:


Sounding excellent guys! I can’t wait to get a chance to work on it.

Man, that is good. Is the third break a 4 string mando?

By the way, I hope to have mine within a week. Every note is figured out. I just want to get to performance quality with it.

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You got it. It was an electric semi-hollow body 4 string mandola built for Paul Buskirk. The guy that built it is going to be thrilled that it’s not only being played, but recorded.

Yes, but to be truthful, I only knew that because I thought it was you who mentioned a four string mando in an earlier post. The first time I listened, I thought it was an electric guitar. :roll_eyes:

Well, I don’t think anyone would fault you for that just by hearing it. I mean, it uses electric guitar strings and an electric guitar pickup. So, the real differences between it and an electric guitar are mainly cosmetic. I’ll have to post some pictures of it and give a little back story some time.

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Hey guys!

This is really cool. Great job! I would love to get in on the next collaboration. I am available for multiple instruments including cello.

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You’re welcome to get in on this one if you want!
Plenty of time to work something up before it will be filled up.


Awesome! I’ll put it together now!


don’t know if Mike is on right now, but you might want to start your break at at around the two minute mark (break 2)…I don’t think anyones spoken for anything that far along in the recording yet…

What instrument are you going to play?

Yeah, Ben and at least one other person isn’t adding anything until the week after Thanksgiving. Plenty of time to work something up. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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I recorded around the 2 min mark on guitar. I hope the format is correct. I used garageband and it saved it as an m4a.

Let me know if this works or not. If the instrument is already taken I could do cello.

It won’t play here for me…

The File for your break needs to be an MP3 or WAV (I think) and uploaded into a type of cloud sharing thing like Dropbox or Google Drive.
Next, you share the link to that cloud file here on the forum so that whoever is mixing/engineering can download the file in order to include it in the mix.

There should be some kind of option on GB for “save as” or “export as”. but I don’t use it so maybe another member can help with this…

Did you remember to include the sync tone at the beginning of your file? It will be needed to get your track aligned with the rest…