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Collaboration #1: Will The Circle Be Unbroken

My break is only about 20 seconds long. Someone please tell me what measure to start on and I’ll start recording there.

Actually, now that I think about it, I can probably cut and paste into where ever it is going to go. I’ll probably have a lot of questions though.

If you’re all ready to go I’d say do the first break. Less confusion that way.

.I can’t record until evening when the traffic dies down, and can always throw mine in anywhere…

Hey Fiddle,

I won’t be doing it tonight. I’ve got to figure how to use my DAW software, and that’s going to take some time. I’d say bare minimum of one week before I’ve go things ready. Plus we’re doing Operation Christmas Child tonight with our granddaughter.

An incredible organization that is a part of Samaritans Purse, and a great teaching opportunity for your kids or grand kids, if anyone wants to take a look.

Samaritan’s Purse / Operation Christmas Child

Acting as EP on behalf of Larry (very formal sounding), my suggestion is this… The fiddle break by Fiddewood seems like a good way to kick it off. Since he is ready to roll, that works perfect. Fiddlewood, please kick it off for us and play a verse (which I believe is what you had planned for at one point).

As a general rule, I want to switch instruments when changing folks. That way it’s not too confusing when you try to tell your friends who is on first and what is on second.

Anyone else ready to record a break in the next few days?

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If there are enough spots available, I think it might sound nice for the fiddle to cover the intro, first verse and chorus. It establishes the song and sets the pace for the listener. Just my opinion.

I agree with changing instruments when changing players.

I may end up having tomorrow off. If so, I’ll do my best to get my 2 parts recorded. If I do, I’ll work on the mandolin chops next.


I’d prefer to do the single progression then let some others come in.

I’m pushing it just trying to get the one time trough arranged right now (First time I’ve ever tried it on fiddle was just now)…I’ve been through the whole base track 5-7 times so far and am only 1/2 close to having a plan for the break…so I’ve a few more hours of experimenting, then who knows how long to record the planned break.

In short…I’m a slow learner and a single time through is plenty of work for me for the day:
I’m trying to get something really straight down to kick things off…then later if there is room I’d be happy to take another break that is a little more involved.

Oh, OK. I had it in my mind you already had something worked up.

If we end up not having enough people to fill all of the spots, I know all 3 variations of the song that Ben taught on banjo. Any number of them can be used as filler if needed.

Mark, if you don’t mind, please take break number 2 (first chorus) for your banjo break. I know you thought it might fit better later, but until we get some pieces comings together, it might be easier to hear the breaks back to back. We can move it later if needed, either by another take or by digital “magic.” Same logic with the mandola… put it in for 3. We can figure out how to arrange things later.

Thus far we have:
Fiddlewood (fiddle)
Mark (banjer)
Mark (mandola)

Any other breaks getting close to recording?

Actually Mark’s break would start at 0.26 (verse 1)…

My intro break is only once through the progression…


I was shooting for one of them awesome breaks Mike was writing of, but we get this instead…haha

Fiddle intro Break


I think I got what you’re saying Mike, but just to be clear, you want it like this?

0:07 kickoff - Fiddlewood (fiddle)
0:26 verse 1
0:46 chorus 1 - Mark (banjo)
1:05 break 1 - Mark (mandola)
1:24 verse 2
1:42 chorus 2
2:02 break 2
2:21 verse 3
2:40 chorus 3
3:00 break 3
3:18 verse 4
3:38 chorus 4
3:57 break 4
4:16 chorus 5
4:35 turnaround

Close…I wasn’t counting the “kickoff” as a whole progression. I am thinking of it like a fiddle tune. Someone “kicks it off” and goes right into the verse (or A part in fiddle tune parlance). It’s all good, the big thing to know is I am just filling them from the front at this point.

0:07 V1 - Fiddlewood (fiddle)
0:26 C1 - Mark (banjo)
0:46 V2 - Mark (mandola)
1:05 C2

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Sounds pretty sweet to me… I’ll go make a mix!

Wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Hear it goes!
Mix 1 MP3

Mix 1 WAV

Nice job Dave! We are off to a good start!

And yes! I did get a “chunka chuck chuck dreaaaw dreaaaaaaawwww!”

Incredible! Super melodic! Let’s the listener know where it’s going right off the bat.

That is one good sounding fiddle…love that tone, and good playing!

Thanks Ben…Yeah I love this fiddle…Gliga about 12 years old…acquired it from Courtney Rorrer (Grasstowne) a couple years ago…had an offer on my Yates archtop banjo and this came up for sale for the same dollar amount so I took it as a sign and did the deal…still miss the Yates (it was my favorite), but never got rid of the pain in my right wrist I incurred form over-playing 5 string so decided to concentrate on fiddling instead.

Thanks, that was the goal.

had to do it for ya buddy! :sunglasses:


@Mike_R, I got my parts recorded. I hope you can open a .aif file. I think that’s a universal file format. Apparently GarageBand doesn’t do .wav.

Anyway, do I need to set up my own dropbox account? If not, how do I upload these to whatever dropbox account we’re all using?

Mark, I just gave him a link to google drive. if you already have a “cloud” storage you use for sharing you could use that otherwise you can download dropbox for free and post a link to your track…