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Cockos/Reaper software review

I had been looking to purchase recording software to replace the free version I received with my MIDI interface. About three months ago I downloaded Reaper and gave it a try. I went to record something last week and the trial period was done, so I happily purchased it for $60. Note that it didn’t appear the trial being expired would prevent me from using the software. Cockos’ M.O. seems to be against using technology to prevent people from using their software even if it has not been purchased. Here’s my thoughts on Reaper…

Strong points:
[ul]It loads quickly
It comes with a nice suite of tools
It gives good results
Unlimited tracks
Unlimited effects
The effects are useful
A 60 day trial period with a free download
Licensing options for little fish like me allows buying the fully functional version for only $60
It’s still inexpensive for commercial studios. I think it was about $250. But again, this version will have the same functionality as the less expensive one
It seems to be memory and processor efficient
It seems to be a mature product with few bugs[/ul]

Weak points
[ul]I can’t think of much. Especially when one considers the price. I guess if I had to nit-pick, their naming of some items appears to be done by 8th graders[/ul]

As one would expect, the interface is a bit different than some others I have tried. That is the great thing about the free trial. One can download it and see if it is a good fit for them. I could give more in depth opinions, but the best thing to do if interested is take it for a test drive.

Sixty bucks is a comparative bargain. Thanks for the review.