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Clinch Mountain Backstep/Cowboy Junky

Clinch Mountain Backstep

So I introduced a local guy here in the Nashville area to “Kompoz”. He is just gtting serious about picking the banjer and uploaded a 65bpm short version of it and I was gonna do guitar parts.

Our buddy Phoephus (He helped you out with Pretty Polly right Larry?) jumped in with a guitar part and a penny whistle part.

And then after me making a statement about it sounding like “A song a stripper would dance to in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas or Kentucky” it inspired “Ryan” from Kompoz to add in vocals:

I present to you Clinch Mountain Backstep/Cowboy Junky: … ctId=40579

I promise I will not do this to West Virgina My Home Mike!

IN other news Steve that started Clinch MT BS also just put up a slow version of $2 Dollar Bill on his site on Kompoz (same place the CMBS/CBJunky) is at and if ya’ll want to keep it grassed up then feel free to add some parts.


I’m digging it!

One of the best things about Kompoz is not knowing what kind of contributions you’re going to get!

Pheophus played slide guitar on You Won’t Ever Forget Me, too. Seems like he’s pretty active on Kompoz.

Thanks for your Kompoz endorsement, oldhat. That gave me more than enough reputation points to start uploading tracks again.