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Clinch mountain back step

Just wondered iif any one had the tabs to Clinch mountain back step , I heard it there for I would like to learn it . any help would be appreciated .

Rob Bourassa - He’s got some great lessons. I learned Foggy Mountain Breakdown from his youtube video lessons. I haven’t tried tackling Clinch Mountain Backstep, but here are the lessons in the order he posted them on youtube.


Here are some more tab links for Clinch Mountain Backstep. Some are .tef files. … n+Backstep

Thanks so much . I am also looking for the guitar tab if you know of that I would love to see it . flat pickers does not have it at the present time.

Sorry, all I know of is banjo lessons. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my little banjo-centric world and forget people actually want to play a different instrument.

I should have specified so I am as guilty as you were of thinking of only of one . I may be able to use what you posted because I do play the banjo also but not very often as the old fingers are rebelling on me .