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Classical Guitar

I’m interested in buying a classical guitar. I’m not so much wanting to learn classical guitar, I would just like to have one for when I’m in a different mood for quieter, slower songs and hearing that nice , mellow tone of nylon strings. I tried putting ball end nylon strings on one of my guitars once and it didn’t really work too well. Need the wider string spacing and nut.

I had an Alvarez Yairi Cedar/Rosewood some time ago that I should have kept. :blush: Any thoughts on something decent for under $500.00? I doubt if I would play it a whole lot, therefore I don’t want to spend a whole lot.

I found a Hagstrom classical close to my home on E-bay. Anyone know anything about these. This one is supposedly made in Sweden in the '60’s. It looks interesting and the price is right, but I don’t know a thing about them.

Update on my Breedlove and Collings: Not a single hit on either! Someone did want to buy the pickguard though! :laughing: Not a chance unless they buy the whole guitar. I’m not too upset about it. I feel a regret coming on.

I would appreciate some recommendations on a decent classical guitar if anyone has some.


I got a Martin N-20 years ago for similar use. Was it because the N-20 the is the end all and be-all? Not a bit. It’s a decent classical I found at a local store and I liked it. I probably wouldn’t appreciate a serious classical if I played it. They look for different things in them than we do in a steel string. My mother in law currently has my N20, and she loves playing it.

Honestly, I have played el-cheapo classicals that I enjoyed. I think for your intended use, I’d just go play a bunch and find what you like. If you surprise yourself and get into classical guitar and want a “serious” instrument, then you can get back whatever you have tied up in the cheap one. There are some amazingly fun guitars in your price range. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about classicals to make any useful brand or model suggestions. I suspect Doc would have some good ideas as he is a classical guy.

J.W., I wish I could help you with your classical guitar search but I have zero experience with them. I was surprised to read in your post that you haven’t had at least an offer on your Collings. I normally buy and sell a couple of guitars a year so I’m familiar with the market. I think Adirondack over Rosewood on a Collings is more popular than German so you might be selling to a smaller market maybe? Personally I have owned a D2HAV and loved it except for the neck but the one D2HG that I’ve played sounded just as good to my ear. If yours had a 1 11/16 nut I’d probably be trying to deal with you but I guess I’ll just have to keep playing my Martins for now and waiting for the right Collings to come along. Good luck with the sell (unless sellers remorse sets in early!)
Sorry if I sidetracked the thread!

Thanks for the replies,

Mike, I played an N-20 once and loved it. (It only had one soundhole though). They don’t come up for sale very often at all. I was at guitar center a couple weeks ago and played about every classical they had under 500.00 and there were a couple that really stood out. I think the one I liked best was only 299.00 and may have been a Cordoba. I may take a trip up to Elderly and trade in my Breedlove on something.

Bulldog, I know what you’re saying about the Adirondack, but the German spruce/E.I.R. combo is gaining popularity. I talked to Greg Boyd in Montana and he said that his most popular Collings is currently the D2H-G. With Mahogany, I think Adirondack is still the way to go. It’a all personal preference. When I went to Smoky Mountain Guitars, I was dead set on Adirondack and left with German Spruce. Now if I’d went a day later, I may have chosen Adirondack. They’re all great.

A couple guitars a year?!! That sounds fun and dangerous at the same time. Let me know if you’re serious. The 1 23/32" nut really doesn’t feel much different than 1 11/16". It feels more like wider string spacing than the neck actually being wider.

I have played classical guitar for 40 (yes I am an oldster). I currently have a higher end Yamaha but I see a lot of very nice guitars out there in your price range. Go try them and look for ones where them neck is not to thick. Also one that you like how it looks and sounds. There is no one size that fits all and I am sure you can find a nice one that will make you happy.

I was thinking of getting one also for the same reason just a softer touch and a different sound,. They sell some cheap ones and I would recommend buying those if you are just going to play it once in awhile . I tried some of those out at guitar v-center and they play nice and sound nice.