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Chugoku Gakuen University Bluegrass Archives

I stumbled on this new Youtube channel the other day and thought I would share it. A Japanese college professor has started uploading a bunch of classic bluegrass sets. They are audio only, but they are good quality with set lists and band members documented. He’s got lots of hard to find stuff like The Bluegrass Cardinals and Boone Creek as well as bigger name bands. Good stuff!

When I started reading the thread title I thought, “Here we go with the spam-bots again… time to change the passwords.” Luckily, it was just some unusual words for a bluegrass forum. :smiley:

Thanks for posting. I’ll have to check it out. I love me some Boone Creek. I have a version of theirs of “Drifting too far from the shore” I’ve been meaning to work up. It’s a great song.

super site yes indeed many I have never heard of ,…

Here is a you tube High Lonesome sound by Bill Monroe it is a documentary of bluegrass birth and growth, well worth the listen. I have to go back and finish it as my attention span is about as long as my finger nail on the left hand .

Here is another good site with some great recordings you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the “bluegrass Picking” link; some very cool old live recordings Fred made.

Fred Robbin’s home page:

I hadn’t seen that site before, fiddlewood. Good stuff there, too. Between the two sites, It’s going to take a while to listen to everything that seems interesting.