Chronological Order?


Is there a link on the site where I can see all the guitar videos titles in chronological order?


You can’t view them by the dates they were made or uploaded if that’s what you mean, but Ben has them listed in levels that should be helpful to you.


Yeah, I meant by dates uploaded. That way if I miss a couple weeks, it would be easier to track down what the latest videos were. Basically, I don’t want to miss any.


If you go the the main site and then click on the “read more” button under “Latest News” then you will see some links on the right under the word “Archive” The links are broken up by month, June 2012, May 2012, etc. Click on those and then it should give ya a list of what lessons and such Ben has posted for that month.

That work?


Nice, Brad! I learned something new today.


Cool Brad, that’s what I was looking for. Nice find. Thanks. :smiley:


And Jim thanks for the feedback. It helped me frame my question better.