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Christmas times a coming

Actually, I love that tune and will probably play it with my band or family this holiday. But this post is about finding an old recording of one of my early vocal quartets. This is from about 20 years ago and is a recording of my wife (the soprano) and I (the bass) with two friends singing “The Holly and the Ivy” and “Fum Fum Fum”


Wow! Nice job by all.

Both tracks are really good!

I miss that quartet. It sounded good and the folks were fun to drink with (you can’t sing all the time). I just spoke to the alto online after not talking to her since she moved away about 15 years ago. She reminded about this recording which was made immediately after a 4 hour caroling job we had in a small town near my house. As you might imagine, no one was up for recording, but I had the DAT deck (remember those?) ready with 2 SM81s. I turned it on and we did 7 tunes in one take each. That was all I could get out of them, but our voices were already plenty warmed up.

I needed the recording for use as a demo. I added the reverb later (the room was an 8 foot box). We got quite a few jobs from that recording. It was about the smartest 25 minutes I ever spent. :smiley:

I recorded my practice of a song I’ll be playing this Sunday at a Christmas music thang. The song is “Angels we have heard on high” arranged by Mike Marshall. Just playing around, I started fiddling with some midi percussion, and had fun with it. I ended up messing with with the percussion for about an hour. The result is attached. Now I need to go re-record the guitar (it was intended as a practice track only, and there are a few boo-boos and assorted things I’d like to fix). I probably ought to tweak the percussion volume, but I might not ever get around to it, so I figured I’d throw this up here.

My fiddle playing friend is hopefully working up something like the fiddle parts Darol Anger did on the Mike Marshall recording and play with me Sunday. That would be neat if we can get together to do it. If not, it will be a solo thing. I guess I could always beat-box the percussion stuff I came up with. I’m sure that would go over real well.

That’s good stuff, Mike! Nice relaxing arrangement and performed so well. Very impressive.

Thanks Larry. I wish I could claim credit for the arrangement, but that’s Mike Marshall’s. He’s a talented dude.
I have been jamming with it with the harmonica. It’s silly but fun. This playing around is kind of addictive.

Very nice, I really enjoyed it! I may need to steal some of the parts… :smiley:

Thanks! If trying to find where some things are done, the tuning is dropped on the lowest two strings so you end up with DGDGBE. It’s a nice tuning for G as you have the octaves for G and D.

Very nice, Mike!!!

Some very tasty licks in there!!!

Really enjoyed it,