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Chris Thile

I am going to see my mandolin hero tomorrow night in Lewisburg WV…Can’t wait… saw him back in the Nickel Creek days about 12 years ago? (has it been that long)… Thile is the reason I wanted to learn mandolin, he makes it look so fun… and it is :slight_smile: … been playing now for about 4 years… hoping I may get him to sign my Gibson, the guy I bought it from got BIll Monroe to sign it… that would be too cool if I can… I’ll try to let you know how it was…


How many people have a mandolin signed by Bill and Chris? Pretty cool.

Who’s he playing with? Or is he solo?

He was playing by himself, played the whole “Sonatas and Partitas” with ‘stuff’ as he called it mixed in… AMAZING! he went through the first movement and then into “Rabbit in a Log”… and yes I got my mandolin signed! plus talked to him for a few min’s and got a picture with him! Seems like he is ‘what you see is what you get’… Always thought he was pretty laid back and chill… and he was… although he is not as tall as I thought he was… :slight_smile: I asked the lady (who introduced him at the beginning) after the show if I could get his autograph (he wasn’t signing autographs)… she said “Sure, what’s one autograph.”… went back stage with her and it was Chris sitting there drinking a glass of wine and my wife and myself… how cool is that!

That’s awesome! I love the Bach stuff. I don’t know how memorizes those and can play them back like a CD. His brain is as gifted as his fingers.
One could make a compelling argument that you have your mandolin signed by the most influential player of all time as well as the greatest mandolin prodigy who has ever lived. I wouldn’t know of any way to argue those points. I am not saying it couldn’t be argued, just that I couldn’t put it together.

Sounds like a fun night. It’s always good when a show exceeds expectations. It’s also good when musical heroes turn out to be good people, too. I haven’t seen Chris play since the Nickel Creek days, but I see the Punch Bros. are playing the Suwannee Springfest in March, so I’ll see him then.

I’m on my way over to set up camp for Magnoliafest this afternoon. If anyone else is going, we’ll be set up somewhere near the Slopryland jamming area.