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Chord Progression Question

Hi All,

I’m new to the banjo and I am trying to understand why D7 is in the chord progression for G major in a I IV V progression instead of a D chord.

I’ve read several articles but I’m not tracking on why we go to D7 instead of D.


A D and a D7 are sort of, kind of the same chord. A D7 is just a D with a C added. So they both work in the key of G. So in some cases, maybe depending on the melody, the added minor 7th might sound nicer than a straight triad.

Strictly speaking, I guess a V in Nashville Numbering terms in G really is a D, not a D7. So in the studio, if they really wanted a 7 chord, it would be indicated.

I have a feeling though that you are not dealing with a studio score so in that case, the Nashville Numbering system is just a convention. How it gets used in real life and outside of its original purposes doesn’t always remain within the confines of the convention (hence my first statement).

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I think the easiest explanation is that people sometimes use a 7 chord in a progression simply because they like the way it sounds.

It’s way easier to play than a D when you’re starting out.