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Chicken picking challenge

Last night I was burning a bit of time while we were assembling various groups of kids, so I put on the chicken dance song and we did the chicken dance. When I got home I still had the silly tune going through my head, and when I picked up a guitar I started picking out the melody (in G, which seems to be my default key on guitar). I started on the 3rd fret b string D (3 3 5 5 0 0 3 …). I found it surprisingly difficult to play well.
Two problems I had:

  1. Playing it smooth and even while all the notes were on the b string required some attention. It was easier to play parts on a single string smooth when going pretty fast.
  2. When it goes to D the melody crosses strings with an up stroke on the b string followed by a down stroke on the g. Getting that in time at any reasonable speed was giving me fits. There are many other string crossings and they all give me fits.

In short, I found this very simple song remarkably difficult to play well. I think it might be a good song to practice. Anyone else want to give it a shot?

For those not familiar with the tune here it is with a slightly creepy video (it’s in C so if you want to play along in G shape capo five):

sounds like maybe a Mexican wedding tune played with trumpets .

I happened to grab a mandolin today… it fits even less comfortably on that instrument . Odd as it sounds, I think it will be a good song to work on basic right hand technique. It’s simple and challenging (to me anyway). If I ever go to one of those picking competitions, can you imagine me rolling that one out :laughing:

I could just see the look on people’s faces after expecting Black Mountain Rag or the norm. You’re right that’s tricky to play. Haven’t tried it on the mando yet. By the way that yardbird in the clip IS creepy. Almost felt I was being hypnotized watching it.

[attachment=0]Red.png[/attachment]Yeah I can feel the hypnosis setting in