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Check this Song out

Hey y’all ! I just found out about this song last week. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it. I wanted to share it with you guys on this Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! : )


It really is a beautiful song. I can’t stop hitting the replay button .

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One of my all time favorites!

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Unfortunately the video is not available to watch for people in the UK. :roll_eyes:

@Jono look up ‘Model Church’ on YouTube . Try to look for the Bluegrass Album Band Version . That’s my favorite one.

If not … try this one … but it’s played by another band:

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@fiddle_wood Amen!

OK will do, thanks :+1:


I just found this . These guys do a good job at the song too. Check it out , hopefully you can view it :

Beautiful song, let’s all remember we are the church not a building!


Agreed! I love Tony’s vocals. They just sound “right!”

Love it!

: )


Hi Raymond

Sounds a lot like In a Gravel Yard


It sounds very similar! I’ve never heard of In a Gravel Yard before, but I love it! Thanks for sharing.

I also feel like it kinda has a sound similar to this song:

Do you hear it too or is it just me?


It sure does Raymond so much for copyright’s. I hear that tune a lot in bluegrass just set to different lyrics and phrasing. I guess back in the day folks enjoyed sharing music until lawyers saw an easy way of earning a fast buck.

That’s true ! I always enjoy Bluegrass songs that have a similar progression though . There’s another song called Cabin in Caroline that sounds exactly like Gonnna Settel Down. I guess the only difference is that the lyrics are arranged differently.

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How many voices are singing on Model Church? Tony, Doyle and J.D.? What are each harmony part called in this piece? I’m guessing high tenor, tenor and baritone, but I have a hard time picking out one voice because they blend so well.

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tony = lead
Doyle = tenor (1/3rd above)
J.D. = Baritone (1/3rd below)


That’s a great question @jonny1 ! Call me ignorant, but I never knew each singer had a specific name to their singing. Such as tenor and baritone and etc. I always just thought “oh their harmonizing”. That’s really cool of you too @fiddle_wood that you know who’s singing what .

I soooo want to learn JD’s part. I will try to figure it out on my piano. Thanks.