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Check out this cool guy I met in Texas!

Look up Tim Hawkins’ song Jimmy Buffet for president on YouTube. It has no relevance to this conversation, but since we’re so off topic anyway, a little laugh can’t hurt


Hi Gunnar, I think we are still on topic the discussing is about food is it not ?

Your just way to romantic Neil. Here in Scotland the coos and sheep graze in the fields. Only Dolly clones are raised indoors just south of Edinburgh.

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Well maybe I could fly over to see you Archie. We can replicate Mark & Gunnar’s video, but in a picturesque Scottish country setting with maybe a few coos & sheep in the background. :laughing:

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I don’t have the skills Gunnar & Mark have.

I believe the Bible mentions “All the cattle on a 1000 hills” (or something like that)… not All the cattle in a 1000 barns. God gave us pastures (which are also mentioned in His Word) and He gave us cattle… Seems pretty simple to me.

Sorry Micah and Deere Crossing, I respect what you’re saying but, I disagree. I believe God gave us a way to respect the animals that are being raised while making a living off the land if done right.

In Tennesse they’re still doing it… Driving through, you see miles and miles of pasture full of cattle. Sadly, here in Ohio, I’m seeing more and more containment which is not good for the environment or the animals.

I could go on, but I better stop.

I married into a family of Big Ag and it’s quite a different perspective once you see their challenges…and their books.


Ummm, no, @Archie, the discussion WAS about me and Mark playing salt creek. It’s become about food, but that’s off topic

Ok I hear ya. I was sure it was @Mark_Rocka and yourself that got on the topic of fast food.

My point is that every other industry is not taking the Bible literally and a lot of them are making technological advances that I think are very harmful, yet no one makes a stink about those industries. Only big farms. They are the cause of all the worlds health problems. It is kind of ridiculous.

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I completely agree with your last statement… I guess I thought we were just speaking of Farmers who don’t pasture their livestock and Dairy herds. Yes, big industries are a huge problem and they have way too much power to get away with a lot.

I also agree that many (not all) kids today are fat because they are simply lazy and have their noses stuck in front of some kind of screen. Where’s the parenting here? Do kids not have chores anymore? There’s a word that doesn’t get used much these days! When you’re young and stay active and I mean very active like when I was growing up, most kids can eat about anything and plenty of it without becoming overweight. Fast food is definitely bad (in excess), but I don’t think it’s why children are overweight either.

Thanks for your reply!

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Mark and Gunnar, You guys played great! Looks as if you had a nice time too.

Thanks for sharing that with us and sorry we got so far off topic!



I missed this video somehow. Glad I ran across it! Great performance guys!

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Thanks! We got to meet up one more time under better conditions before Gunnar and his family went back home. Good times. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Yeah I read where you had planned to. Any other video’s of you two together hidden here anywhere?

There should be a few more, I’ll try to find them

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Here’s some

Did I ever post the other video from this session, @Mark_Rocka?

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Wow… you guys were amazing! And it seems you both use a different styles with pick hand with Mark has pinky glued to the board while Gunnar does not seem to use a reference still manages clean picking.

On banjo, it is traditional to plant a pinky. I actually do plant my pinky, just not the tip, I plant the top of the last knuckle, so my hand looks like a fist. When playing rhythm I don’t plant. Thanks!

OK that makes sense!