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Cheap banjos

amazon sometimes sells their returned items. here are some cheap $70 banjos for anyone who isn’t quite sure if they really want to learn the banjo…: I hesitate to post this because someone might buy them and then the link will go to a blank page. But who knows, maybe/hopefully someone here can make use of it!

Not much time invested in checking a link out if they are gone they are gone you tried and that is the most important thing . I have played seem cheap Banjo’s and I can tell the difference but they all sound like banjos and it is up the player to get what he can out of them or her. Same with guitars I have heard people play a really cheap guitars and I was in awe of the sound they got from it . Set up is all important and the skill of the player . I person ally like the Ephiphone 200 for a beginning banjo not to much weight and is easy to play with a decent set up they actually come very close . about $235.00 no case though .