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Charlotte Bluegrass Festival

Heading out today to spend the week picking and volunteering (part of my job is to jam in the parking lot cool job huh?)
This is the longest consecutively running music festival in Michigan. Jams different level can be found 24 hrs/day.

well, got to get packed…y’all have a nice week! I know I will. :smiley:

Have fun and take some pictures to share!

Back Home. Had a great week!

Averaged 4 awesome jams/ day, blistered a bit from Bass playing so much. Haven’t played so much in years.

Bands and sound system were supurb. Didn’t take one picture, I was so busy working, jamming, visiting old friends. Didn’t make it into the camper before 4am on any day I was there.

Attendance was good enough so that my buddy who promotes the festival made a little money when combining last year and this year, which is great 'cause he lost a fair amount on last years event.

Just a fantastic time…can’t wait til next year.

Good deal! Sounds like a blast.

That sounds like just the kind of festival I like. Summer in Florida is really boring for festivals. Unless I travel north I wont have any good opportunities until fall. I’m jealous!