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Catfish John

Is there somewhere I can find some music sheets/tabs for Catfish John? Especially love the NittyGrittyDirt band version with Alison Krauss. Would BanjoBen be interested in giving his interpretation haha? Got the bluegrass bug since 2019 happy owner of a Tanglewood TW40 D. I live in Kuopio, Finland where bluegrass is not popular. I would surely appreciate some help. Thank you.


Welcome to the forum, Kai! Hope someone else be able to help you.

As an aside, I like Catfish very much. The one liked the most was Sea Bass!

Thanks JohnM

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The only version that I’ve heard is by “Old and In the Way.” I’ll have to look up the NGDB version. Speaking of the NGDB, here’s an interesting FB post by their banjo player, John McEuen.

Thanks ChrisWms. I appreciate it.


Message sent.

Welcome to the forum Kai. Hopefully you found what you were looking for. If not, see if this helps…

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Thank you Woodshed.

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