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Case for a G5420T Gretsch guitar

Any one know about getting a case for a G5420T hollow body Gretsch guitar. Fender makes these now but not a case, who would have thought; any help would be nice and appreciated.


Hello Ken… Good to hear from you! Hope you’re enjoying that Gretsch… Great guitars!

I think what you need is a Gretsch G6241FT case. This is specifically made for the G series hollow body guitars. Look it up on Sweetwater’s web-site (that would be your best bet). In the description, it shows all the measurements of the guitar and case. also has plenty of listings.

Looks like Guitar Center is sold out and on back order.

Good Luck and take care!


Slow getting back to you but thanks ever so much


Well that saved me looking dumb was just about to respond and then guess server updated as saw that you had response. Enjoy the guitar I have a GT2420T just love it. Happy playing.

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