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Capo Contention

Hey there fellow BanjoBen’ers,

Any advice on capo’s? I own a Goodtime2 and i’m wanting to purchase a capo. Any opinions on spikes vs. 5th string capo’s etc?

I spent the weekend learning Ben’s version of Old Joe Clark and would like to get one since I have an excuse now!!

There’s another thread on capos right now. Check this one. And good job on OJC.

Oops, don’t I feel like a doof! Feel free to delete the thread Ben. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure and check the
Accessories section next time! :confused:

For those that do their own spikes , always make sure the drill bit is smaller than the spike and maybe not quite as far down as it will go . and you may want to try a little wood glue that way the spikes will not pull out until you get ready to pull them out to replace ETC.

Hi all,
I’m new to the forum but figured I’d contribute a little something to this old post. When I was starting out and had a Goodtime banjo I used a bic pen cap for my 5th string capo. There are instuctions for it here: … pcapo.html

Hope this helps someone

Looks like it will work . i might give that a try, simple enough so it would fit my personality .always looking for new easy things .