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Ok Mr. BanjoBen, I’m sure I speak for many when I say that you are quite an inspiring fellow, I mean with all that you do here at your website along with the insight you’ve given the “web” world to the many other things, people and interests you have in your life… My question is about your pic here on the forum. If you also ride bulls, you might just be one of the busiest, most talented and crazy people I’ve ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with.

So fess up, is that really you on the bull or trickery from your comedy side? Or do I have to track down your cousin with the mullet that you had do the video tour to find the real answer?LOL

Well, my hat goes off to you! We’ve recently been going to a local rodeo held every week and my son has had that look in his eye…that makes me nervous. I’m sure they’d want my signature before they’d let him on the back of a beast, and believe me…they’re not going to get it! I can only imagine the adrenolin rush those riders are getting, but seriously doubt it’s worth the risk! I enjoy being a spectator though!

I’m sure “hanging up the rope” was a wise choice and as far as career longevity goes, I doubt your insurance will be cancelling you for being a “picker”! haha

Have a great day! Thanks again for all you share!

p.s. Looking forward to sportin’ me a “” Tee!!

Dude is there anything that you don’t do?

You must be an alien like Joe Satriani, there is no way a human being can do the things he does with an electric guitar or you do with everything else!