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Brand New Store...check it out

Step 1: Check out the new store by clicking on the store tab. If it doesn’t open the new store for you, please comment below.

Step 2: Buy some stuff from my new store so I can pay the bill for the new store. Thanks!


Just bought my first Banjo Ben Trucker Hat. Blue. Looks like a nice store Ben.


Thanks so much, Roger!

Hi Ben & Jake

The new store looks fantastic, easy to navigate and the vids are cool. The only negative observation I could find was that when I click on the Store it want’s to open a new Window in my IE browser.


Thanks! Yep, I have it set to open a new tab on purpose right now b/c the store is technically a different site than this one.

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I figured as much. “It works” Interestingly when I clicked on Forum from the Store drop down Menu it opens the forum in the same window seamlessly. Very Classy

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Congratulations on the new store, looks great! I’ll be sure to put some retroactive reviews on prior purchases.

Have you considered a “Wish List” so we can send subtle hints to family and friends?

Best of luck, I’ll be sharing the site with my friends.


Great idea! And yes, please submit reviews!

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Wow the new store is really nice! This is a quantum leap from where it started. I like how the instruments flip when you run the mouse over 'em. See ya later; I’m going back to the store to look some more (and buy)…


Just checked it for the first time on my iPhone. Looks so much better than the old store.

As I was browsing, I was reminded of a question I’ve had for a while. What can a $120 capo do that a $20 can’t? I’m thinking for $120, it should keep picking while I step off stage for a break.


Not only does it do that, but it cooks and cleans for you as well!


Nice. Will you take my wife as a trade in? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It can make you a lot more careful not to loose it…Just like those $40 picks! However, I do have a $40 blue chip thumbpick and flat pick and honestly I do play better with them now that I am used to them. They are so much smother than any other pick I’ve ever used.


What an awesome store.

Well DONE, Man!

I just hope you encourage Jake to enforce those sound shipping practices!


Does it do WINDOWS too, Jake?

Oh… and don’t dare say that it does Windows - and Apples (Macs) too!


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Hey Ben,

Will you be carrying the Martin Retro (Monel) strings in the future? I use the Laurence Juber (.013 to .056) exclusively these days; sound good, feel good, last a ridiculously long time.

Great request! I bet we can get you some in. @Jake, please check on that when you get a chance.

Any word on those 2nd and 3rd string Keith tuners? Father’s Day is coming up soon. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure we have them now…might wanna double check with @Jake:

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OK, how did you get to that in the store? I just checked again under accessories and under banjos and didn’t see them as an item to buy.