Brand New Store...check it out


Step 1: Check out the new store by clicking on the store tab. If it doesn’t open the new store for you, please comment below.

Step 2: Buy some stuff from my new store so I can pay the bill for the new store. Thanks!


Just bought my first Banjo Ben Trucker Hat. Blue. Looks like a nice store Ben.


Thanks so much, Roger!


Hi Ben & Jake

The new store looks fantastic, easy to navigate and the vids are cool. The only negative observation I could find was that when I click on the Store it want’s to open a new Window in my IE browser.


Thanks! Yep, I have it set to open a new tab on purpose right now b/c the store is technically a different site than this one.


I figured as much. “It works” Interestingly when I clicked on Forum from the Store drop down Menu it opens the forum in the same window seamlessly. Very Classy


Congratulations on the new store, looks great! I’ll be sure to put some retroactive reviews on prior purchases.

Have you considered a “Wish List” so we can send subtle hints to family and friends?

Best of luck, I’ll be sharing the site with my friends.


Great idea! And yes, please submit reviews!


Wow the new store is really nice! This is a quantum leap from where it started. I like how the instruments flip when you run the mouse over 'em. See ya later; I’m going back to the store to look some more (and buy)…


Just checked it for the first time on my iPhone. Looks so much better than the old store.

As I was browsing, I was reminded of a question I’ve had for a while. What can a $120 capo do that a $20 can’t? I’m thinking for $120, it should keep picking while I step off stage for a break.


Not only does it do that, but it cooks and cleans for you as well!


Nice. Will you take my wife as a trade in? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It can make you a lot more careful not to loose it…Just like those $40 picks! However, I do have a $40 blue chip thumbpick and flat pick and honestly I do play better with them now that I am used to them. They are so much smother than any other pick I’ve ever used.


What an awesome store.

Well DONE, Man!

I just hope you encourage Jake to enforce those sound shipping practices!


Does it do WINDOWS too, Jake?

Oh… and don’t dare say that it does Windows - and Apples (Macs) too!



Hey Ben,

Will you be carrying the Martin Retro (Monel) strings in the future? I use the Laurence Juber (.013 to .056) exclusively these days; sound good, feel good, last a ridiculously long time.


Great request! I bet we can get you some in. @Jake, please check on that when you get a chance.


Any word on those 2nd and 3rd string Keith tuners? Father’s Day is coming up soon. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure we have them now…might wanna double check with @Jake:


OK, how did you get to that in the store? I just checked again under accessories and under banjos and didn’t see them as an item to buy.