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Bought my first Banjo

Just wanted to start my first post here on Banjo Ben’s site. Bought my first banjo 2 weeks ago, it’s a Deering Goodtime 2. Found Banjo Ben’s site and now working on the rolls.

Why the banjo… I have no idea, it chose me I guess. First string instrument, played sax in High School long long long time ago. I’m left handed but wanted to learn on a normal banjo so I could play anyone’s. That way when I get better I can play the $2000 plus ones hanging on the wall at the music store.

Congrats! I have a Goodtime (see avatar pic), but would love one with a resonator.

You’ve come to the right site. Just remember to be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride.

Congrats, and I think you made the right call on playing righty.

Another member from the Great Northwest. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information and support around here. Don’t be bashful!

GRATS, on your new banjo.Welcome to forum.You will find that there are some awsome guys/gals here willing to help with any question that you may have. Bens website will teach you well, no other site like this one…

Welcome and congratulations on your first banjo. Like it was posted by Bulldog , there are many here who are knowledgeable and wanting to help. It is a great place to learn .

How Awesome!!!
So delighted you chose to dive in!!

Can’t wait to get aquointed. …

All the best,


You will find playing the banjo a blast. It is like no other instrument and it just brings a smile to people when you talk about it and play. I played classical guitar for years and it definitely helped me with right hand rolls and my left hand notes. But the way I learned was hear, read, practice and memorize. The banjo is so much more about just playing. You definitely need to learn the fundamentals around rolls and the practice required for any instrument. But over the last 1 1/2 year I have have been playing I can backup jam and do leads, pick out melody lines and incorporate the rolls and I have never had so much fun with music. See if you have a bluegrass association in your area. We have one in Reno and they meet twice a month. We have ultra beginners, beginners, intermediate and advanced. And everyone is encouraged to play in a safe environment where we all laugh when we mess up. I have moved to the intermediate and I love it. Enjoy, and I know from reading the posts there are some real regulars here that always have an open ear and willing to help. One last thing, you have to practice. I subscribe to the twenty minute rule-if you do something for twenty minutes a day, you have to improve. I go to a park about 5 minutes away at lunch, eat my lunch and practice in the car (passenger seat gives you the room you need.) It has made an unbelievable difference in my confidence and skill level. I have joggers waive to me now and it breaks by fairly high stress day up.