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Blueridge location

For several months I’ve been trying to find a Martin guitar. I’ve played several, but nothing that screamed “Buy-me.” Then I was Ben’s video comparing Martin to Blueridge. Now I need to check out the Blueridge guitars.

So, it comes to my attention, Ben has a store. I live near Birmingham, Ben near Nashville, that’s not far and I just assumed Ben’s store would be near Ben’s residence. Wrong again.

So, now I’m looking for someplace between Nashville and Birmingham that I can sit down and play a few of these.

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Did you happen to see these Eastman E8Ds? They’re gorgeous and sound amazing. The cool thing about Eastman is that they must have a Quality Assurance department that works over time… because I’ve never played an Eastman I didn’t like.

Both brands are great for the price. The Eastman is going to be a bit more, but the fit/finish is worth the extra price. It just depends on your budget.

@brocharlieb, I don’t know exactly where you can play a lineup of Bluegridge guitars. I do know that if you buy one from me, they are professionally set up by us and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t love it, you can send it back.

I second this assessment. Eastman has a reputation for the highest quality control of the PacRim guitars. However, if you are looking for Martin tone in a much cheaper instrument, then the Blueridges are the way to go. Even the Eastman guitars do not sound as much like a Martin as the Blueridges. I purchased a BR180 sight unseen from online and it was outstanding in tone right out of the box. Unfortunately, it had a neck set problem so I sent it back for a replacement and the next one sounded just as good and had no problems at all. My BR180 sound like a cross between an HD28 and a D35, crystal clear trebles, ringing mids, and God voice bass notes… really.

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Well, the way it worked out, I traded an electric guitar that I didn’t play for a Breedlove Pursuit Concert Mahogany. It is a step up from my other acoustics. I’m going to start a fund for my next guitar with will probably be either a BR160 or a BR180, unless a Martin just jumps up out of nowhere and insists that I own it.
Currently, in addition to the Breedlove, my acoustics are a Seagull S6 that’s about 25 years old, and is improving as it ages, I also have a Dean Exotica, which plays surprisingly well for what it cost. I have an Epiphone FT 125, no telling how old it is, the only thing that’s left of the tag inside is the model FT 125 and the words “Made In Japan.” The Epiphone needs work but she and I have some history so she gets a place of honor. I have an Indiana 12 string, because it was not expensive and I wanted a 12 string. I also have a Dean Palimino hollow body electric (I don’t really know what the knobs and switches do, but it was a gift from a friend, so I’m trying to figure it out a little at a time, and it’s not going anywhere.
So, as my wife tells me, I don’t even really need another guitar, but it’s not all about need. Sometimes someone else may want to play, or I need one that I don’t mind toting to camp or traveling with (my eventual plan for the Epiphone if I ever get it fixed). I keep one at church, I mean there’s a piano there, there should be a guitar too, shouldn’t there?