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Bluegrass Underground

I don’t know if anyone here is watching Bluegrass Underground. It’s on PBS here (Reno) late Saturday nights. It’s in an amazing underground cave in Tennessee. I guess it has amazing acoustics. But they have awesome bluegrass artists. Give it a try.

love the show, i watch it all the time.Im about 3 hrs away from there. Im in East Tennessee.I want to go, but the tickets to go there are really high(for me anyways)…maybe someday. Also on the same channel the show is called ‘songs of the mountains’, thats in Marion Va, The LINCOLN THEATER. If you get a chance to watch i think you wil enjoy…

Love that show! Watch it all the time!

I need to start DVR-ing it. Where my parents used to live is a little East of there (Fairfield Glades). We had talked about going at various times, but we never did.

Fairfield glades is in my home town of Crossville and super place to visit and so much to see round about . My Grand dad had a 100 acre farm just outside of town. I always wanted the farm but it sold shortly after his death. As young as I was I tried and tried to get Dad to buy it it sold for 13,000 but that was a bunch of money back then and he just bought a house so that was not going to happen. Would love to go back if my health was a bit better . Guess I will finish were I am at and be happy . Caves have a sound all their own can’t be beat .