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BlueChip CT-55

I must not have been too naughty this year because Santa bought me one of these for Christmas. I’ve been using the rounded side of a TP60-1R for a couple of years on the mandolin but really like the feel of the CT-55. It’s a little bigger than what I’m use to but I’m finding that I like the extra control it seems to give me. Still using Wegen bluegrass picks on guitar but thought about experimenting with a lighter BlueChip if I got the chance. Anyway I listed my old pick in the swap section of the forum if anyone’s interested.

Hey Bulldog,

I too use a CT-55 for mandolin and it’s the best sounding pick I have including Red Bear and a real Hawk’s Bill, but I think it’s a little too dark and muffled sounding on guitar (just my opinion).

So, I had them make for me an STP-45 with one standard bevel and two right hand speed bevels. That’s what I like about triangle picks… you can have more than one bevel. They’ll do this at no extra charge and if you order one, at the end of the process of paying for the pick on their web-site, you can describe these details in the comments section.

I like the STP’s. They’re a smaller version of the CT or the TP’s. The 45 thickness is not listed on their site so you may have to e-mail or call. You may be ok with a 50 as well, but I really like my 45 and almost exclusively only use the point with the standard bevel, but get both bevels just to be safe if you decide to order one.

In case anyone is confused, when I refer to a standard bevel I’m speaking of basically a straight tip just like a typical Dunlop pick. I believe Blue-Chip calls this a rounded bevel but this is not the same as a rounded corner. Their "rounded’ bevel looks exactly like the speed bevel but without the angle ground into it. The rounded corner is just as it sounds… the point is cut off and it’s a round corner. Wish I could explain all of this a little better.

Good Luck on your next pick purchase!


Yeah J.W. I agree with you. The heavy picks I use for mandolin just don’t do it for me as far as tone is concerned on my guitars. I may just look into a new STP-45 if I don’t find someone to swap the TP60 for a 40 with first.