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Blue Chip Pick

As a beginner, I’ve tried to give myself every advantage I can to succeed at learning to play the guitar. Purchased a nice Martin 000-18 and became a Banjo Ben Gold Pick Member. Also, I purchased about 20 different picks from 99cents to $35. Well, at first I found the cheaper, thin picks easier to play and shyed away from thicker picks, especially my $35 Blue Chip. But after some advice from Ben himself, I have tried using the Blue Chip more and quickly discovered my strumming improved and the quality of the sound was far superior to the thinner picks. If anybody is wondering whether or not these Blue Chip picks are worth it, well, in my opinion they are if you want better sound and improved control. I guess even a novice like myself can spot quality when he hears it and feels it.

Just thought I would share with the group.


See, now you’re gonna be spoiled. You won’t want to use any lesser pick now; I love the blue chip picks too. And you’re starting with a Martin; jeepers, you got moxie Earl.

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I have a pocket full of picks, all colors, thicknesses, and shapes. This past December a friend gave me a Jazz Tone 208 2mm thick pick. I liked it. Then I purchased a Prime Tone 1.4mm think, The improvement in tone was amazing. The Blue Chip is next. With fathers day around the corner the girls can surprise me. :hushed: My wife surprised me our last anniversary with two BBC T-shirts. She now realizes how easy it is to shop for gifts from the General Store !


Thanks MissMaggie.
As far as having Moxie…nah…Just retired and have a little extra money now…hahaha!

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Moxie AND money… great combination :slight_smile:

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Ben, I picked up a Blue Chip TD35. I do a lot of strumming and some flatpickin’… did I choose the correct pick? BTW, I’ll see you at the April Camp!


I still smile and get all warm inside every time I read that! :notes:


Hi Chuck,

A TD35 is my go to pick for playing my D28. It is the best choice I’ve found to get what I want out of the instrument I own.

Different picks can help different instruments in different ways. Whether it is the best choice for the sound you want out of your instrument can only be answered by you.

In my case a thicker pick tends to bring out a darker sound, and my guitar is plenty dark already, so I like the brighter sound the TD35 brings out of it, but not the thinner sound of a plastic pick…so it works well for me, .

In your case, play with it and compare it against others you might try in the future…see what you like the best and go with it.



Yeah man, you’ll love it. And at camp you’ll have an opportunity to try out the others and buy at a discounted price!

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