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Blue Chip Christmas

My son gave me a Blue Chip geetar pic for Christmas. He has one and I do admit that they do provide a great tone to his mandolin. And now that I have one, I say the same thing about the geetar one. It is a lot thicker that I am used to playing with and I have a tendency to miss a string or two when pickin. I am not used to playing with a stiff pic like this.
I can tell that it is going to take some time to get used too. Its very hard to break 40 years of muscle memory using a thin pic.
I do like the tone it lets the guitar offer but is very different moving around the strings.
The gift was a surprise to me as I would have never thought he would have given me a pic. LOL our first show next year is February and I best get busy learning how to play with this thing because he will be looking for it. He calls me daily and saks if I am using it. He also told me it felt different to him when he first started using one.
Its not the shape or size, it’s the thickness that is the big difference to me. Its like I have to move around the strings rather than going straight through…I guess that how I would describe it.
But all in all, I do like the pic and will continue to try and master this dang thing :laughing:

I know exactly what you mean John. I never thought I’d get use to a heavy pick but now couldn’t imagine NOT using one. Seems to give me better control not to mention it will really pull the tone out of your guitar. I use a Blue Chip 60 for my mandolin and a Wegan bluegrass for guitar. Stick with it, once you get use to it you’ll probably never go back!

I have one for my guitar and great tone tho !

Howdy Jim! Long time no see.

Congrats on the new pick John! It takes a surprisingly small amount of time to adjust to the differences and I think the change in speed, tone and control are well worth the effort. I just finished recording a pick tone shoot-out. I’ll post it over in accessories.

Welcome back, Jim.