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Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Here is an old chorus for which I added interlude and recorded today… :slight_smile: Blessed be the Name of the Lord. I guess you will need to click the download button and choose player when you use the link.

Ignore this one and check out a few posts later for the new link!!


Thanks guys for the likes! Glad Ben liked it!! I never really learnt guitar from anybody else other than from Ben and previously on my own developing chord playing skills from friends. All credit goes to Ben for me to attempt and to come up with something like this interlude. I never imagined I could do even something like I have done now. So my thanks to Ben!


I’m proud of you, @JohnM! I hope you’re encouraged and inspired to keep going, and please post your pursuits!


Great job @JohnM!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!


Thanks Ben. Lately I had a lot of time, hence devoted it to Guitar. Not sure how long will it continue but I’ll post as I do it. :slight_smile:

And thanks Simone and others too!.


Guys, please ignore my earlier link song.

Check this one out instead. Thanks to Yeti, and also recorded in tracks, and mixed and balanced it, so this has come out a lot better than the one before. So I guess I’m making progress. :slight_smile: