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Billy in the low ground basic or maybe intermediate

I don’t know about any one else but I like this tune , I almost have it good enough to play with others but am sure not going to until it is finished to my satisfaction. it is a simple tune but well done it sounds great. why even Bryan Sutton does it . any way I was wondering if any one else was working on it . I am also learning the back up to it . so many I started and did not finish and now I am going back to each one and making sure I have them down good enough to play with others. It took a bit to get the tag down right but get it I did . Another one that sounds just the Adams family thing again LOL .

I had worked this one up a while back. I haven’t played it in quite some time, but I used to enjoy it. I thought it was a good right hand workout.
You like that Adams family tune, don’t you?

I learned the Adams family theme song and I just recognize it when I hear it can’t help it LOL . One thing I have noticed and it is sort of sad and you just have to push on and go for it . but what I have found is the mystic of the music when it is found to be nothing more than timing and notes and when you learn that tune the mystic of its music is sort of diminished and maybe diminished more when I play it LOL . I Imagine the pros get tired of playing the same old stuff but they push on and make some of the greatest music in the world and good for them . I do enjoy it when I play but some of the covering so to speak has come off the candlestick holder .

Something that might be of interest to someone I looked up the history of Billy in the low ground and found it is an old Irish tune and it has been called " The fiddlers drunk and the fun is over" It also came out of Virginia in it’s present form, not sure how close the melody was followed from the original though . Another name was Leni in the low land so who ever would like to know you now know .