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Big Sciota and Backing Tracks - Awesome!

Just wanted to say how awesome this whole lesson is. This one really stretched my abilities playing up the neck, especially the ol’ pinky finger. So much fun to learn and interesting all the way through.

The new (I think it’s new) backing track speed of 90 bpm is perfect I think. This is just right in my wheelhouse for working on timing once you have it down somewhat. Then the other speeds are great for when you turn semi-pro. :slight_smile:

Just when I thought the site couldn’t get any better, you take it to another level! I am very grateful for the site and all the hard work you put into making it better, Ben.

I don’t know why I do this to myself (no shame I guess :slight_smile: ) because it still needs some polish. Here’s my attempt at it. That little E minor lick on the second B part is nice when Ben plays it. I can’t play it that slick yet.


Bueno! That GTR sounds great.

Gracias Mike!

Nice pickin’ and I agree with Mike. That guitar sounds good!

Thanks guys! After 3 years of playing that guitar it still surprises me when I pick it up. Huge sound!