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Best DAW and video editor?

Ok so recently I got a PC, and it doesn’t have a daw or a video editor program on it. I had previously been using my family’s apple computer, and just used garageband and imovie. (Both kinda meh)
But now I can get whichever one, and I’m wondering what’s the best free DAW and video programs for windows PC?
Any help helps thanks


Hi Gunnar. I use OBS Studio (open source software) to create my videos for YouTube I don’t do a lot of post production but when I do I use AVS Video Editor which again was free. If I was going to do some serious video production and I had a wad of cash I would definitely look at Adobe software tools. There are other options out there which I have not fully explored. I look forward to hearing what others suggest. I really like OBS it’s been around for a few years, I use an older version but I do believe there are some additional tools on newer versions. There are some good tutorial vids on YouTube. A word of caution be sure you have Firewall, Antivirus and AntiMalware installed. PCs are more likely to be targeted by viruses and malware. I use Windows Defender but it has it’s critics. I have to say though that it works for me.


Gunnar, this link below is from a couple of years ago on this forum, but it’s got a lot of interesting info on this topic. I’ve tinkered around with a couple of DAWs and I’m wanting to put more effort into Reaper. It’s free to use and after a trial period, it pops up a reminder/request to register, but still allows use. It only cost $60 or so to register, and the pop ups will disappear at login. It is not intuitive for me, but very powerful. If you have some experience with a DAW, then it might be more so for you.