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Bela Fleck Speed

As I’m sure most of yall do, I constantly look on Youtube for videos of my favorite musicians. I found this video of Martin, Trischka, and Fleck playing The Crow. But what especially impressed me was Bela’s speed and smoothness when he picks up his break. He starts at about the 2:07 mark:

Triplets are a nice gimmick. Like a triple shuffle on a fiddle…always wakes up a crowd! :laughing:

I was far more impressed with the three of them playing in harmony in sync. Tony & Bela nailed Steve’s emphasis of notes really well I thought.

I’ve never heard of this gimmick. How’s it work?

Triplets? Those are the majority of the “fast notes” Bela is playing. His break is performed at the same speed/tempo as the rest of the song.

If one “beat” normally = 1 note
put three notes in that “beat”/same amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bela’s playing and own many of his recordings.

You could replace gimmick with trick, lick. riff, approach, technique, or many other words. I just happened to use that one 'cause it is something that is fairly easy and works great to get peoples attention used once in a while but it can be over-used very easily.

Don Reno incorporated a fair amount of triplet playing in his style I believe.

Gotcha. By “gimmick” I thought you meant it sounded like his fingers were moving fast but they actually weren’t.

I watched a interview with Tony and Bella , actually Trishka was bella’s teacher, Bella plays real close to the end of the pot what would be toward the neck . it gives the notes a bit more mellow sound he said,and it does . You could tell they were both in awe of each other .