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Hey yall I’m looking at trying to upgrade my Guitar right now I have an El cheapo $100 guitar i really dont like the sound it has plus the fret board has a crack in it (looks like there was a knot in the wood) I’m looking at the Eastman PCH1-D Sapele Dreadnaught. I dont have a ton of money to spend on a new one so that one caught my eye. Does anyone own one would love to know more about how it plays and the tone. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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I haven’t played that model, but have played some things that are similar. I have a voyage air travel guitar that is solid top on laminated back and sides, and my mother in law has a 000 Martin with laminated sides. I might offend some music snobs, but I think laminated sides might be better in some regards (namely durability and projection). I think that would be a fantastic guitar for an upgrade. If you are talking about the one at Ben’s store, that says it includes a setup. The setup is a huge deal and frankly most people buying in that range don’t pay $75 for a setup after they buy one, BUT that setup is huge. A nice setup will make it so that you play much more often. You will have a nice sounding guitar that will play and intonate great. I say go for it! Talk to Jake or Ben and see if they think it is a good fit for you.


Looks good for the price, but also check out the recording king dirty 30s dread, it might be enough to get you to your next upgrade and is 70$ cheaper. I’d ask Jake’s opinion

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Hey @Colton, give us a call and talk with us about it. If you’re talking to Jake or Adam remind them you’re a Gold Pick member.

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Okay will do. I only live about an hour away from the shop so when I am able to buy i will give them a call and set something up. I am still in the looking/saving phase
thanks @BanjoBen