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Beginner Guitar Lesson

Watch “Beginner Guitar Lesson by Harvey McCluskey” on YouTube

I thought I had posted on this ?? any way very well done and professional a good lesson for beginners. You sound as if you have the patience of a saint > In my teens I used to teach a bit but it was very basic . Look forward to seeing and hearing more of Harv doing more lessons .

Dang, I wonder if Ben ever figured he’d have competition on his own website?

Thank you, Bulldog!!!

That is hilarious!!!!!

Lesson 2

Tried multiple times to edit the first 3 seconds without any luck…

Watch “Beginner Guitar Lesson #2 by Harvey McCluskey” on YouTube

Why would you edit it? I mean, what’s wrong with the…%#@!, I just locked my keys in the car and now I can’t get into the house OR the car and it’s pouring down rain look? I like it. Good job on the lessons too.

So… Jw… you get in the house?

I’m howling with laughter, JW!

And thank you so much for the perspective!
Hoping your day is going better… And a big Thank You…
I’ll just enjoy teaching and will quit obsessing about every detail.

All the best,