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Beauty and the banjo

Hey Ben if you like flying you need to come to the southern coast of oregon where i live. Man the runway is right next to the ocean and I live on the mighty rogue river where the salmon come to get eaten! Heres a thought come here and you could stay with me and catch some of them critters and teach me some banjo like aint no grave by crooked still man i want to learn that but I need the easy version! Seriously if your ever in tune for a place that is utopia this is it. The town is small not much for shopping but the outdoors is the bomb!! And I think we could set you up with a little place to do a gig if you want its a small place at pistol river. blessings to you and your family and thank you for sharing. P.S don’t know if this counts but im just a sport pilot who flys trikes. Kind of like the open air type flying. However to buy this wonderful place i live in, i had to sell my hanger and trike boo hoo. Hey the Lord is good even when its bad!! jon t