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Beaufort West (original)

I got to play a D18!!! This was such a great guitar, I loved playing it, it made me want to just play rhythm for hours…
Here’s an original tune that I posted on other instruments recently, and I finally worked it out on guitar, and filmed it at a music store in downtown Cape town.
Hope you enjoy it!


Very nice! Guitar sounding beautiful! Reminds me of a old gospel song but can’t recall it…

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Great Job. There’s no stoppin you now !!!

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Beautiful sounding song! Thanks @Dragonslayer for sharing your music here!

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Nice clean picking! I think that might be some of the best flatpicking I’ve seen you do, which may or may not be partially because of the D18 (I’ve gotten the chance to play a few; they’re awesome).

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I saw this last night on YouTube Gunnar. I was really enjoying it and wondering what it was and then I noticed the word - original. This is yours? Sure is pretty.

By the way, how’d you like playing that Martin?


Great job! That’s a really sweet sounding guitar.

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Thanks y’all!

Yes, I wrote it a month ago, and I think I posted my mandolin version (it was originally written on mandolin) here, and possibly my fiddle version too, if not it’s on YouTube.

I absolutely loved it! This was the second time I played it. Both times I was blown away by the sound, but more so the first time, because my previous experience with Martin had my expectations quite low.


Sounds like a great Waltz tune!

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Thanks! It’s the fourth waltz I’ve learned to play, and the second that I’ve composed


So great! Awesome to get to play on that guitar too!


Thank y’all!